Vaginal steaming (or peristeam hydrotherapy) uses the powerful upward motion and warmth of simmering water to bring the medicinal components of herbs to your vulva, vagina, uterus and bum (huge shout-out to the bum for all it goes through in childbirth, right?!)

Midwives have been using vaginal steaming for centuries, in cultures all over the world. Steaming is a fabulous way to help your skin heal after birth, to bring some goodness to your lady bits, and restore your vaginal health. Plus it feels and smells AMAZING!

Let us pamper your bottom! Vaginal steaming is a great practice for mamas who had vaginal births, cesareans, tears, stitches or losses of any kind.


Women across time and cultures have used vaginal steaming to heal their wombs and vaginas after birth. Vaginal steaming during the postpartum is a simple yet profound form of self-care. Daily steaming for 30 days with custom, organic herbal blends is a gentle, powerful cleansing method - helping to heal tender tissues that may have been stretched, torn or otherwise made sore during a birth. Steaming helps to stimulate a full uterine cleanse and aids in the release of any remaining lochia after the baby is born. Steaming feels amazing and offers emotional support during a time when women are especially open and often need a grounding and comforting ritual to reconnect with their newly non-pregnant bodies. 

Emily has trained with Steamy Chick as a Postpartum Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Vaginal Steam Facilitator and Menstrual Cycle Analyst and provides in-home vaginal steams to postpartum women and those who struggle with menstrual complaints. Women can begin steaming their perineum and vagina as soon as 4 days after birth. It is necessary to wait until the bleeding from the birth has ended - meaning the flow has lightened. Please contact us if you aren't sure if your body is ready to steam.

  • Consultation to develop a personalized herbal steam blend

  • Herbs for 30 days of steaming

  • My presence at the first steam

  • Personalized, in-home assessment at the end of your steams

  • Instructions to continue this practice during your postpartum and throughout life!

  • A beautiful, locally made pine steam sauna

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You can also steam for good ol’ fashioned period care. Vaginal steaming is an integral part of any self-care routine. Herbal steams help your internal tissues to be pliable and healthy, your menstrual cycle to be aligned and pain-free, and your vaginal flora to be balanced. We both steam every month on boxes made by Emily’s mega-talented (and handsome) partner, Jason.

Anyone - from those trying to conceive, to those with PCOS or painful periods, to new parents, to those with post-menopausal dryness can benefit from Vaginal Steaming. Choose the option that best fits your situation below.

We can’t wait to work with you!