Rooted birth presents:

certified birth + Postpartum educator training

ROOTED BIRTH is proud to announce our newest offering: a certified birth and postpartum educator program!

Producing These Are My Hours has offered us a unique view into countless birth communities all over the US. We are seeing they all have one thing in common - a lack of options in childbirth education. Most of the programs are hospital-based or dated and none speak to the truths of birth we’ve come to understand. In all of these locations doulas are plenty and so many of them are threatening or already experiencing burnout. Doulas are asked to be the saviors of birth and their bodies and hearts are suffering for it. Most of these birthworkers are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and want to spend lots of their time educating their clients but end up needing to talk about the realities of the local hospitals instead.

True change isn’t going to happen from overextended doulas trying to protect people during their labors. That’s too late. Real change comes from parents demanding informed consent and refusal and personalized care before their births AT A CRITICAL MASS. It will be impossible for birth to stay as it is now if hundreds of thousands of parents are simultaneously asking for the same thing: respect from everyone involved in their care, to know about all their options, and for their spiritual and psychological well-being to be attended to.

We got to thinking: what if experienced doulas became the educators of their communities? What kind of change could they make if they focus on teaching parents about the stuff most childbirth education leaves out?

And Rooted Birth Childbirth Ed was born!

This program is made for you if you…

  • Are a birthworker who set out to create change in your community and would like to add to your knowledge base

  • Have seen first-hand the gaps in care in your community and would like to do something about it

  • Are alive with the passion for birth work, even though you feel the burnout threatening to snuff it out and need a break from being on call

  • Believe that birth is more than a physical process and would love to see more expectant parents learn this during their pregnancies

  • Crave support and an alternate stream of revenue so you can return to the YOU who feels a burning fire for changing the birth world while incorporating the wisdom you’ve gained through your experiences

  • Are ready to boldly step into leadership in your community

Rooted birth certified childbirth educator training INCLUDES:

  • Videos of Emily and/or Carey (examples: Alchemy of Adrenaline, Birth as a Mystical Experience, Birthing Rites of Passage)

  • Exercises, tools, and journal prompts to keep you digging deeper

  • We’ll share our favorite teachers with you; their beliefs, messages, methods and wisdom

  • Public screening license for These Are My Hours to use in your community and childbirth classes

  • 6 modules on Podia, a self-paced, online platform (to be completed within 6 months with an option for extension if needed)

The rooted birth Certified childbirth educator program IS COMING IN 2019!