What some of the amazing women we’ve served are saying about us

Meeting with Emily for the first time, I felt from her a groundedness, a deep maternal wisdom, and an authentic invitation to be myself, and to trust myself throughout this journey. I’m not sure I can accurately express just how incredible and supportive Emily was in all the ways, at all the rights times throughout my pregnancy and birth. Her presence was always relieving AND empowering - she helped me feel like I could be vulnerable and courageous at the same time. She kept it real - something I am forever grateful for - and shared just enough of her own experiences with me to “normalize” my insanity, without ever making it about her. She was emotionally supportive along every step of the way.
Further, Emily was present and supportive every step of the way during the difficult postpartum period - tidying, bringing food, continuing to support us both emotionally and physically throughout the process.
— JORDAN, first-time mama
Emily was informative, but also very supportive. I knew that for my family it was the best decision and she supported me completely. After we came home Emily was at my house constantly. My husband had to go right back to work, but Emily was there helping. She helped me with my older 3 kids. She cooked up easy to grab food for me, and she even cleaned my house. She did all of this while she herself was around 8 months pregnant. She was selfless, kind, and incredibly giving.
She has helped me tremendously on my own journey to becoming a doula as well. She is my role model, and I hope I can someday be half the doula that she was to me. Emily was the perfect fit for me. She was nurturing, loving, kind, and gracious. Words just cannot express how helpful she truly was. My whole family came to love her and she will be a forever friend.
— LYDIA, MAMA of 4